Uplift Inclusion Talent Show
January 23, 2019
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We are all one second away from a disability. It could happen to us anytime, and yet, many of us do not advocate or show compassion to those who need it the most. Many people overlook this possibility so they go about their daily lives without using their platforms, abilities, and gifts to make a meaningful and lasting impact in our society. Let us change this together!

We invite you to attend Uplift Inclusion, our inclusive and accessible talent show fundraiser! Different forms of support such as ASL, braille, closed captioning, & pre-planned seating arrangements will be provided to enable individuals with disability to participate in our community.

Join the movement! Let's promote communication access and raise awareness about aphasia and communication disabilities!


York & Non-york students, staff, faculty and guests are welcome to attend!
All proceeds will go to the #aphasiainstitute | 

What makes our talent show so special? 
We are breaking barriers and creating access to support individuals with disabilities! We are also promoting inclusion and accessibility in both Glendon and Keele campuses at YorkU.

What is aphasia?
Individuals with aphasia live with the loss of language-related functions following stroke, dementia, brain injury, or tumour. They find it difficult to talk, read, write, connect with their loved ones, express their concerns, and most people also experience multiple disabilities, sensory loss, and cognitive challenges. But the story does NOT end there! Individuals with aphasia are competent, knowledgeable, and can contribute many things to our society! The communication barrier is only on the surface - they can live successfully and overcome any challenges they face.

Accommodations: We welcome you to submit your access needs. We will personally contact you and make all the arrangements with you after receiving your form. 

We will provide:
- ASL interpretation for speeches & talent intro
- Program sheets in braille
- pre-seating arrangements for wheelchair / dog service users
- large video captions for song lyrics
- event guides
- accessible building with gender-friendly washrooms

Event details: 
Hosted by the Cognitive Science Students' Association 

In Collaboration with: 
Neurology Research Association
Brain Waves Association 
ADHD Society
Neuro-Psychology Sciences Students' Associtation

Special thanks to: 
Aphasia Institute 
Vanier College
Cognitive Science Department 
Project Community Engagement and Experience (YFS Access) 
New Student Centre at York University

Note: If you want to perform, share your art, volunteer, support the movement (donations / sponsorships), or have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

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