Two-Day SOAR Training
August 28, 2019
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Have you contemplated getting SOAR trained but been deterred due to the length of the training? Have you signed up or started training, but been unable to finish? Have you been hearing about SOAR and wanting to get involved? Snohomish County Human Services presents an opportunity to train for SOAR certification in just two days.

SSI/SSDI Outreach Access and Recovery (SOAR) is a nationwide practice pairing trained Service Providers with adults who are disabled and unable to work, and are homeless or facing homelessness, to apply for SSI and/or SSDI. In 2017 in Snohomish County, there were a total of 1,954 persons who entered the homeless housing and service system who reported a qualifying disabling condition, but only 23.8% of those people reported having SSI or SSDI.

This in-person two day training will help participants complete SOAR certification from start to finish. Using the online training platform, we will complete all SOAR components using a mock SOAR applicant. Once someone is trained as a SOAR Service Provider, they will be ready to work with clients to apply for SSI/SSDI. Service Providers can be paid professionals working in a community services capacity, law enforcement officials or medical professionals who work with anyone experiencing or at risk of homelessness, volunteers who serve homeless or low income populations, or any other person interested in getting certified and doing the work.

*Please note that due to the amount of material covered and the hands-on nature of this training, completion
and certification requires participants attend both days: Wednesday, August 28th and Thursday, August
29th. Unfortunately, no exceptions can be made. Should you have questions or need to cancel your registration, please contact Holly Shelton as soon as possible at

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