Mental Health First Aid: Mental Health Commission of Canada
September 30, 2019
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You have heard about physical health first aid but what about mental health first aid!

Mental Health is the number one reason people take time off from work on disability. 1 in 5 people in one year will face a mental health concern. Mental health concerns effect us all and we need to know the signs and symptoms to best know how to respond.

If you are working with or a support person to someone with mental health this course is for you! If you work in an HR department or any company working with people as clients or coworkers, this course will help you to better understand how to appropriately respond to their mental health concerns.

Come and learn about how to pick up on signs/symptoms of those facing mental health concerns and learn tools to know how best to respond to someone in a crisis or who is facing more moderate mental health concerns.

** Coffee, tea and snacks will be provided**

Please let me know if you have a group over 5 or are working with a nonprofit as you will receive a discount.

1% of all profits will go to the local Canadian Mental Health Association


Kelsey can be reached at OR 1877.325.7484

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