Mental Health First Aid
September 27, 2019
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Mental Health First Aid

If you’ve taken a physical first aid course, you’ve learned the skills needed to help someone experiencing a sudden illness or injury. People can also experience mental health crisis, and it is important that more Canadians know how to provide help in these situations too.

Mental Health First Aid Basic is intended for adults interacting with adults (18 years and older). Upon completion of the course, you will be well prepared to interact confidently about mental health with your family, friends, community, and workplace.

Mental Health First Aid Basic is a 12-hour course. The course discusses the following mental disorders:

  • Substance-related disorders

  • Mood-related disorders

  • Anxiety and trauma-related disorders

  • Psychotic disorders

First aid skills for the following situations are learned:

  • Substance overdose

  • Suicidal behaviour

  • Panic attack

  • Acute stress reaction

  • Psychotic episode

*Sessions are on September 27th & 28th 9:00 AM - 430 PM at HOpe in the Telfur Burke

MATERIALS: Bring whatever office supplies you require to help your learning style, e.g. pen, post-it notes, highlighters, etc.

NO SCENT POLICY: Your instructor has environmental allergies so please refrain from wearing/using scented products (e.g. perfumes, colognes, hair styling products, hand cream, body lotions etc.). Failing to do so may result in being asked to leave the course.

BREAKS: There will be two, 15-minute breaks and 45-minute lunch break each session.

PARKING: There is underground pay-parking available at the HOpe Centre and pay-parking at Lions Gate Hospital Visitor Parking lot.

ACCESSIBILITY: Please inform us of any access needs we need to meet or consider in order to maximize your full participation during the course. The entrance on St. Andrews Avenue is accessible via wheelchair.

CERTIFICATION: In order to receive a Mental Health First Aid certificate of completion, you must be present for the entire scheduled training.

MISCONDUCT: If a participant is disruptive, disrespectful, rude, and otherwise negatively contributes to the unfolding of the course in any way, the instructor has the right to ask the participant to leave the course and the participant will not receive a Mental Health First Aid certificate of completion.

CANCELLATION POLICY - link to our cancellation policy:

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