Chef's Cook-Off: Chefs Supporting Mental Health with Healthy Eating
September 15, 2019
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Set in the midst of Pumpkin Fest at Black Fox Farm & Distillery, Seabuckthorn Days gourmet luncheon will provide delectable food in a beautiful setting. This is the annual fundraiser for Canadian Mental Health. Chefs do their best to win your vote providing a five course meal with each having seabuckthorn as one of the ingredients. There will be an appetizer, three entrées and a dessert along with beverage.

Past winner of the People's Choice award, Executive Chef Scott Torgerson who offered Hay Smoked Chicken Breast with Seabuckthorn Glaze, Black Lentils, Seabuckthorn Gel, Carrot and Golden Beet last year will be offering an entrée this year as well and competing with the appetizer of Dana Chadort, the entrée of Executive Chef Darren Craddock, the entréeof Chef Kevin Tetz and the dessert of Executive Chef Heather Bekar-Schulte. Stay tuned for details on the offering. Heather will be serving Sweet Millet Congee w/ Roasted Pumpkin, Seabuckthorn Jelly & Seed Brittle! Sounds amazing, doesn't it!?!

Sponsors of the event, Maduro Coffee, will provide the coffee and nvigorate will provide the Seabuckthorn tea.

Stay tuned for the rest of the details on the menu.

Be sure to vote for your favorite dish!

Please note there is a $10/vehicle charge at the gate for parking, but with your ticket for the luncheon, the parking is free. Please show your ticket at the gate.

Questions? (306) 955-2319