How Not To Have a Rational Debate


Welcome back! This week, we will continue to look at the Autistic/Asperger dilemma, taking a look at what kind of tactic it is and how it’s perpetuated (all the while I try to see if I can fit in some humour here or there in this depressing topic. Still more fun than writing an exam). But without further ado, let's get going (or, as the Irish and some others pronounce it, let's get goin).

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To do a take from that popular Boney M song back in the day, Ohhh those Irish.


So what kind of tactic is it exactly? Will, according to the article from Autistictic, it’s a silencing tactic, made specifically to...will, “silence other autistic voices” (Autistictic,  The Autistic Dilemma - Functioning, paragraph 6). The name pretty much says it all. They are used by “harmful people” (Autistictic,  The Autistic Dilemma - Functioning, re: trolls, bored kids, the comment section) to try and shut down an person with Autism/Aspergers, everytime we try to speak out against both someone, or something, negative.


These harmful people, who employ the dilemma against us, claim that someone has to have the “right amount” (Autistictic, The Autistic Dilemma - Functioning, paragraph 7) of Autism/Aspergers for someone to have, in order for them to even consider what we have to say. Yes, you read that right, the “right amount” of Autism/Aspergers. No, it’s not the effect of the computer’s light playing your eyes, nore is it a trick of the light bouncing of the magazine pages if you're reading this from one. Now no more questions. (sigh), okay, one more question, you in the back, “Do they really believe this?” Actually, no ,they don't.


The “right amount” of Autism/Aspergers they say someone should have is agree-with-them-on-everything kg, or 13 Pds of horse manure. The actual “amount” of Autism/Asperger’s you have matters not a drop. It’s a highly convenient debate tool for them, enabling (an appropriate word for this kind of topic I think) them to disengage themselves from the topic at hand and from having to defend their actions/views. By merely saying that the person on the other side is either too much Autistic/Aspergers, or not Autistic/Aspergers enough, frees them from the tiresome activity of having a fair, rational and respectful debate. Such things are sooooo last year.


Ruler Angle Centimetres Length Measuring Tool

Of course exact measurements vary from person to person. In order to make sure you have the correct measurements, scoop out thinking-for-yourself kg, or 2mm, than smooth it out and you'll have the “right mount”.


Well, that does it for this week's post. I was hoping to get to the part where we learn how the dilemma is perpetuated, even had a cool name for this post that rhymed, but I’ll have to save it for the next post, especially if I want this ready before Christmas (which, by the way, I have one already in the works for that as will). But until then, this continues to be, the Audacious Aspie.            


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