UW Autism Symposium 2019 (Seattle)
August 14, 2019
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The University of Washington Autism Center is excited to present the 5th annual summer autism symposium (formerly known as STAS) FREE to educators across Washington state. The topic this year is Supporting Diverse Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and will be presented in both Seattle and Tacoma. Please sign up for only one location.

Join us to learn about the following!

Culturally Sensitive Approaches to Working with Student with ASD in the School Setting Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is assumed to impact individuals equally across racial, ethnic, and cultural divides; however, the research indicates that there is inequality in identification rates. In this session, participants will learn about some of the differences in identification rates both nationally and in Washington state schools, symptom presentation differences, and tips for appropriate identification of ASD in school settings.

Supporting Linguistically Diverse Children with ASD in the School Setting In this workshop, you will be able to define what it means to be culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD). Participants will be able to identify common myths of linguistically diverse populations and benefits of being exposed to these enriched environments. Participants will be able to describe classroom and treatment strategies to supporting linguistically diverse children with ASD.

Introduction to Neurodiversity and Autistic Culture In this presentation, you will learn the ways in which the neurodiversity movement has worked to build an empowering approach to autism and disability in general. Participants will be able to identify views and goals of the neurodiversity movement, common disagreements with the professional and parent communities, and current efforts to bridge the gap between the groups.

Girls in ASD For every 4 boys diagnosed with autism, 1 girl is diagnosed with autism. Girls with ASD have been described as “hiding in plain sight” as research and clinical services have focused on boys with autism. In this workshop participants will learn how girls with ASD present different than their male counterparts, the challenges for families to recognize and diagnose girls with ASD, and how educators and providers can help increase awareness of girls with ASD. Included in this workshop will be voices from autistic girls and from parents of autistic girls.

Who should attend: Educators working with students with ASD in special education classrooms across all grade levels.

Presenters: Kawena Begay, Ph.D., NCSP James Engracia, M.A., CCC-SLP Natasha Lewis Harrington, Psy.D. Kathryn Holley, M.Ed., BCBA


Clock Hours: Washington State OSPI clock hours (5 hours) for certificated school staff are available for an additional fee. Please bring a check made payable to UW Autism Center for a total of $15.00 ($3.00 per hour).

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