Special Needs Painting with Pups
August 18, 2019
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Art fun & friendships with our Jr. Trainers and Service Dogs

About this Event

We are inviting our special needs kids in the Lakeland area to make friends & masterpieces with our temperament tested Service Dogs, and their Jr. Trainer Handlers!

Our Jr. Trainer Handlers are excited to tell their new friends all about the service dogs they have been working with! Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where our typical, and not so typical kiddos can interact with each other - with dogs and art to bring them together.

Painting materials provided including two canvases. We are asking for our painters to donate one of their paintings (included with a special message) to our nonprofit organization. The masterpieces will then be displayed and auctioned to raise funds and awareness for our Jr. Trainer KIDS Class and nonprofit organization!

We are asking for at least one parent or guardian to accompany their special needs child, but no more than three due to limited space.

Ages 6-21 (Speak with Amanda at for exceptions)

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