Silent Night: A Sensory Friendly Dance
December 15, 2018
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Miss Abilities Organization is proud to present its second annual Silent Night dance - a unique and sensory friendly way of experiencing music at a dance. Guests wear wireless headphones and a silent room instantly transforms in to a high energy musical atmosphere. This event is geared toward individuals with disabilities and/sensory sensitivities ages 7 and up and their friends, family and guardians.


The atmosphere is relaxed and fun. Guests are able to hold a conversation more easily with their friends because there’s no need to scream over the loud music. Just slide the headphones partially or completely off anytime you need a break.


There are 3 channels for each set of headphones - Top 40, Country and Holiday - and Special Ocassions Entertainment DJ Hampton Thomas will keep the music on all three channels playing the entire time. Along with being able to control the volume level of their headphones, the listeners have full control over which channel they listen to.


Tickets are just $10 each and MUST be purchased in advance to ensure headphone availability.


All the money raised during this event will go directly to Miss Abilities Organization toward our March 9, 2019 pageant for young women with disabilities.



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