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Helen Keller Foundation

Deafblind and partially sighted deaf deal daily with all kinds of restrictions posed by their disability. The Helen Keller Foundation provides support to enable deafblind, to represent their interests and to collect and disseminate information about deafblindness.

Boba Virenze - Rotterdam

Virenze-boba focuses on children, adolescents and adults and has an extensive range of diagnostics, drug treatment, system therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, various group treatments and EMDR. Virenze-boba has as a specialty diagnostics and treatment of people with a disorder in the autistic spectrum, which is also part-time treatment. There are also short lines with boba lifecycle guidance, which focuses on the guidance of people with a disorder in the autistic spectrum.

Set Reizen

SET Travel is a tour company that offers guided and customized holidays for people with disabilities. Holidaying is fantastic and should be an experience for everyone.? We consider it important to encourage welfare of our passengers.

CareHouse Work it Out Rotterdam / Kids at Home Rotterdam

CareHouse offers development-oriented guidance (for developmentald impairments) with its subsidiaries Kids at Home (Children) and Work it Out (young people and young adolescents).

Work it Out Rotterdam

Kids at Home Rotterdam

MEE Rotterdam Rijnmond

MEE supports people with disabilities and their network in all areas of life and at all stages of life. As a result, they can join to power in the society. We are independent and stand next to the client. We help to strengthen his own power and exploit the capabilities of its network. 

Visio Rotterdam Education

Visio Rotterdam Education is primarily an ordinary school where students learn and develop. Yet it is also a very special school, because the visual impairment of our students requires adjustment of education. For example, adjustments of the material, the methods of teaching and learning environment.

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