Lourdes Waller
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Carleton University

Lourdes Waller

Social Media Contributor to Paracor Canada Facebook page

Young people with disabilities more likely to be arrested

US Study Finds that Young People with #Disabilities More Likely to be Arrested


Endometriosis - I Fight Like A Girl!

#endometriosisawarenessmonth Praying for progress

CTV Ottawa: Amazing People: Dr. Sony Singh

Guess who is one of my heroes? 

Dr. Singh. 

He spent hours upon hours removing my endometriosis lesions at the beginning of this month. I could not stand straight due to pain, I was taking so many pain killers, I couldn't keep track of time. Today, 25 days after my surgery, I don't need any pain meds and I'm working harder than ever just to prove to myself that this disease was what kept holding me back. F. U.endometriosis, I've got great people watching my back... and my uterus!


"Endometriosis didn't break me, it made me"