Dreams of Independence for Young People with Disabilities
December 11, 2018
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JUDY HEUMANN shares her perspective on the journey for disability rights, then is joined by a panel to explore the beliefs and practices that empower youth to take ownership of their dreams. Together we will send a powerful message of hope and confidence to our audience of parents, professionals and young people with disabilities, and awaken in them new dreams for the future, starting from the very earliest ages.

Hosted by Yasmeen Kahn, Reporter for WNYC Radio with a focus on youth, family life and education.

With special guest Judith Heumann, International Disability Rights Advocate.


*ASL (American Sign Language) and Spanish interpretation will be available.

*Kindly submit any additional accommodations or language interpretation requests by November 27th. You will be asked upon online registration how we can help support your needs. Alternatively, you may call 212-677-4650 X21.

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