Autism Spectrum Disorder Workshop
December 13, 2018
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As part of the Community Consultation Team (CCT) continuing education series for those who provide services to Milwaukee County residents with developmental disabilities, the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division is offering a workshop on Autism Spectrum Disorder. Information covered is applicable to direct service providers, case managers, administrative and health care staff, and others serving this population.This workshop is presented by Community Consultation Team clinicians and is designed to help participants expand their knowledge and understanding of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


A brief history of Autism will be provided followed by a more detailed description of social, behavioral, and sensory processing characteristics and issues. How these characteristics impact the functioning of a person with Autism will be considered as will causal factors in this condition.Interventions to address challenging behavior, build adaptive skills, and support the individual in the community will be discussed as well.Workshop information will be presented through mini-lectures, large group discussions and activities, and PowerPoint and video material.Participants will receive a detailed program handout and upon completion of the training will receive a certificate of attendance.


After completion of this workshop, participants will:

Ø Have a better understanding of the essential features of Autism

Ø Be more familiar with how Autism Spectrum Disorder is diagnosed

Ø Have a greater appreciation for how persons with Autism perceive the world around them

Ø Have a better understanding of why individuals with Autism exhibit certain behaviors

Ø Have more ideas of how to address behavioral and sensory processing issues



Pre-registration is required as enrollment is limited. This workshop will be offered other times during the year.


Please arrive early to avoid traffic and parking issues and so that we may start the workshop on time. Sign in begins at 8:30 and the workshop begins at 9 am. Feel free to bring your lunch as the workshop spans the lunch hour.



Milwaukee County Mental Health

9455 West Watertown Plank Road

Room 1038

Milwaukee, WI 53226

United States

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