AODA Train-the-Trainer Certification
September 30, 2019
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This workshop will provide you with an overview of the AODA Standards and how this information can be delivered in an interactive and fun training session to your staff and volunteers. The AODA Train-the-Trainer workshop qualifies as mandated training and will equip you to meet your organization’s AODA training requirements. Areas covered will include:

  • Customer Service Standard
  • General Requirements
  • Employment Standard
  • Information & Communication Standard
  • Transportation Standard
  • Design of Public Spaces Standard
  • Ontario Human Rights Code

I liked how you provided examples of activities to keep it fun to teach and learn. Often these courses are boring. Your course gave me lots of ideas! And I liked the group which included a diversity of industry people.

Instructor is an excellent and knowledgeable speaker!

Great training! What I expected to be a dry and long info session ended up being a good time. Thanks!

Fantastic! Great length. Exactly what I needed to stay on track.

Why use a Train the Trainer Model:

  • Trainers are an accessible resource for staff and volunteers with an organization.
  • Organizations can do training when it works for them, using a variety of approaches best suited to their situation.
  • It is a model that is cost and time effective for organizations.
  • It is a model that helps to support discussion and further development within an organization.

Excellent and well organized content and delivery. Respectful and inclusive presenter who created an inclusive and safe environment. Everyone participated and was engaged.

Participants in this training will receive:

  • Information on each of the Standards and OHRC
  • A customizable copy of Accessibility Services Canada’s 90-minute training PowerPoint presentation
  • Training workshop handouts and interactive activities
  • A live demonstration of a training workshop
  • Ideas on how adapt the training for your organization’s needs

Participants will receive access to Accessibility Services Canada training materials for use in internal training only (staff and volunteers of their own organization).

Training is valid for two years and updates on the AODA will be sent to participants as they arise.

Good review of the AODA and requirements. Training suggestions were great. Enjoyed the practice opportunity.

I liked how collaborative the training was. I learned a lot from other people’s experiences and knowledge. I also liked that the training comes with a certificate.

Really good at getting me to think of applying this to my own work. I would recommend the training to anyone!

Prerequisite: Participants must have knowledge of the AODA prior to attending this workshop as we do not cover the details of the AODA. This training focuses on how to design and deliver an engaging training session for your organization’s staff and volunteers. For detailed information on the AODA, look for our “Accessibility Compliance 101” webinar series being held in April. 

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