Angel Mom: Substance-Related Grief Support Group
August 26, 2019
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After loss, life goes on. You don’t have to go through it alone.
There is no worse pain in the world than losing someone you love. We will all experience loss throughout our lives, but tragedies like substance-related deaths including overdoses, suicides, intoxicated driving incidences, or homicides come with insurmountable odds to face. Some of these deaths come after a long battle with substance misuse, following long periods of abstinence from substance use, or at the beginning of substance use or misuse. But, most are accidents, and all of them are side effects of an illness. In December 2016, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention reported that overdose deaths have surpassed gun violence including homicides and suicides, and car crashes as a leading cause of accidental death. 192 people die daily from overdose. So, what happens to the loved ones left behind? No one should walk through grief alone.

How we can help
If you or someone you care about has experienced substance-related grief, there are options:

Become an Angel Mom
Located in the Chicagoland area is Angel Moms. Get unlimited support from a local community of women who have lost children to a substance-related death. Email Jody Daitchman at for more information.

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