Accessibility Compliance 101
October 23, 2019
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The Accessibility Compliance 101 Webinar Series has been designed with the recognition that you have limited time and need the most up-to-date information. These 1-hour webinars are an ideal way for busy leaders to engage in an interactive online experience from the convenience of their own desk. 

This series of three webinars has been specially designed for staff who are responsible for their organization’s AODA implementation and compliance. We will review the legislation, discuss in detail your legal requirements, provide you with a multitude of resources, and share best practices for ensuring your organization’s successful compliance. There will be time during each webinar to ask the presenting AODA expert questions about how the legislation affects your particular organization.

100% of past webinar participants said that their understanding of the AODA and their compliance obligations improved as a result of this webinar series.

Who: Management Team Staff, including Executive Directors/CEOs, Directors & Managers (HR, Communications, Policy Development, and Volunteer Coordinators).

Why: Organizations of all sizes (1+ employees) and types (nonprofit, businesses, and public sector) must be compliant with the AODA requirements, including policy development and training of all staff.

“The webinar series highlighted the most relevant information in an easy to understand format and provided great examples to further enhance understanding.”

When: Every Wednesday, for 3 weeks, from 11:00 am-12:00 pm 

Where: Online webinar via your computer

 “It was broken down into manageable units. Also great resources.”

Webinar Recordings (Optional): Participants can choose to get access to the webinar recordings. A link will be sent the same day as the live session and viewing will be available for 7 days. 


  • High quality instruction by an AODA Expert
  • Copies of each of the webinar (.pdf)
  • Access to the recorded sessions (optional)
  • A chance to ask all your questions
  • Customer Service Standard Policy Template
  • Integrated Accessibility Standards Policy Template (includes Information and Communications, Employment and Design of Public Space Standards requirements)
  • Multi-Year Accessibility Template
  • Resources, best practices, tips and tools
  • A chance to network with other professionals
  • Registered participants will receive a digital Certificate of Completion

“It was easy to understand and having the materials accessible afterward for reference was very important & helpful.”

“Being online is a great way to learn that is flexible for our team.”

“This course has been incredibly informative, easy to digest, and I feel much more equipped to do my work now!”  

“Very clear presentation with lots of specific examples.”

Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and instructions for accessing each session will be sent the week prior to commencement.


Webinar #1- AODA Overview, the Customer Service Standard, and new legislative developments

Webinar #2 – General requirements and the Information and Communications Standard

Webinar #3 – Employment Standard and Design of Public Spaces Standard

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