A Few Things to Say


Welcome back! I have an announcement to make and a couple of things to say. First, the announcement. As some of you are probably already aware, I have been trying to walk the tight rope for a few years of writing posts, not coming down firmly on either the pro-Autism awareness side or Autism acceptance side. Rather I was going to wait on getting a large enough readership first before I publicly went one way or another, so that in the event I did lose some, or a lot, of readership, I would still maintain most of my readership and therefore above water, so to speak.

But it’s my blog and I see no reason why I must continue to try to walk that tight rope, rather I am now stating what side I am for. I, am pro-Autism Acceptance. Awareness can only get us so far, that now is the time for us, the Autistic/ Asperger community to change our slogan (or whatever you wish to call it): we do not need awareness anymore. Now we need acceptance.

Now with the announcement out of the way, I have a few other things that I will need to say as well. Last month I made a mistake in not doing proper research (a major sin on my part, concerning how in university they drill it into your heads to research, research, research. May the gods and goddesses of post-secondary education have mercy on me) and supporting, unknowingly, an organization that is known for being, well, less than supportive of people in the community, even though they claim to support us.

For that I apologize once again, I well do my due diligence in the future. But yet despite my repeated apologies, I am still seen as anti-spectrum. This is far from the truth. Myself being on the spectrum, I know exactly what it’s like. I have readers who are parents of kids on the spectrum, teachers of kids on the spectrum, and people on the spectrum themselves. I don’t speak of my personal experiences because its not what this blog is about. Ask me privately and I may tell you. May being the operative word, as I’m a very private person . On this blog I give opinions of others in order to generate discussions. Sometimes I support these ideas, other times I do not. From now on I will try to say whether I do or do not support the ideas. But either way, we can all learn something from reading them, even if only to further our own private opinions.

Well that does it for this weeks post. Next week, as always, will be a different topic altogether. What topic will that be? You will just have to see, or read in this case. Until than, this continues to be, the Audacious Aspie.

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