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Princess Cays Accessibility Guide

Princess Cays, Bahamas

Princess Cays is one of the ports of call on Princess Cruises through the Caribbean. It is a private resort on the southern tip of Eleuthera, Bahamas. There are a variety of options, depending on what you would like to do, whether it is relaxing on the beach, or going on an outdoor adventure. Don’t forget about the barbecue on the beach!

The main thing to keep in mind is that this port of call requires the use of a tender boat. A tender boat is a small boat that will transport you back and forth between the island and your cruise ship. While there is a small ramp to get onto the tender, it can be difficult to maneuver onto the tender. For those who require mobility accommodations, the decision is up to the Captain whether or not you will be permitted on to the tender.

Princess Cruises notes: “In ports where guests utilize tender boats to go ashore, Princess staff will make every effort to assist but are not allowed to individually physically lift more than 50 lbs. (22kg). Guests requiring physical assistance must travel with an able-bodied companion. With your safety and comfort in mind, the final decision to permit or prohibit passengers from going ashore will be made on each occasion by the ship's Captain.”

The tender boat will drop you in the Love Boat Marina. Nearby, you will find customs & immigration, washrooms, locker rental and some small souvenir shops.

Once you arrive at Princess Cays, there are various areas for lounging. For guests who require mobility accommodations, there is a motorized cart available to take you to your preferred stretch of beach. There are walkways linking the various parts of the resort. The motorized cart will be able to take you to any of the restrooms, dining areas, bars or kiosks located on the walkways. Note: the motorized cart can only take you along the walkways, it would not be able to take you directly onto the sand, and down to the water. 

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Princess Cruises Accessibility Guide

The Princess MedallionClass™ Experience

The Princess MedallionClass™  is available on some of the Princess cruise ships, which includes an OceanMedallion™.

An OceanMedallion™ is a small round device you wear that is about the size of a quarter (usually on a lanyard around your neck), with many uses throughout your cruise. It can be used for contactless payment - items are charged to your cruise account associated with your room number and crew members can identify you matching your photo and location. 

It can also be used to locate you on the ship - for your ship mates (roommates) or staff to find you. Your ship mates can find you using the large touch screens located throughout the ship. Crew members can find you throughout the ship if you have requested a service, such as ordering a beverage or room service either in your stateroom or anywhere on the ship. It can also be used to help you find your way throughout the ship. You can tap your medallion at any of the screens located throughout the ship to help you find your location and to find a route to where you would like to go. You can also find your fellow ship mate(s) and can also map a route to their location using the screen located throughout the ship. The same screens can be used to help you see an itinerary either daily or for the duration of your cruise, which includes events and activities happening on board. You can use the touch screen to access more information about each event.

You use your medallion to enter your stateroom. Your medallion can be detected within 5 metres to unlock your stateroom for keyless entry. Your door locks again within a few seconds if you do not enter your stateroom. 

Your medallion is also used to enter and exit the ship at ports of call. You are required to tap your medallion on a device where a crew member can identify you with a photo and name upon exiting or entering a ship at a port of call, as well as during the initial embarkation (checking-in to your cruise) and final disembarkation (checking-out of your cruise)

You can make your experience more personal to you by using your medallion in conjunction with the The MedallionClass™ App on your mobile device. You can download the medallion app on your phone to use the same location features as the screens on the ship. You can find your current location and a route which will guide you to where you would like to go. You can find your shipmate(s)’ location and it will guide you to them. The app lets you see all of the activities and events happening on board, and can personalize an itinerary of onboard events for yourself. You can even order food, drinks and other items via the medallion app to be delivered either to your stateroom or your current location.



Princess Cruises offers a variety of accommodations aboard their cruise ships. Princess offers a variety of staterooms with accessible accommodations. The accommodations will vary by ship and room type (e.g. interior room, balcony, suite, etc.). Some accommodations include:

  • Widened doorway entrance to room and bathroom

  • Full wheelchair turning space

  • Roll-in shower with grab bars and a folding seat bench

  • Handheld showerhead

  • Bath distress alarm

  • Grab bar beside toilet

  • Easy access closet with lowered closet railings

  • Accessible desk

  • Accessible balcony (depending on room type)

  • Additional equipment may also be available on request (e.g. toilet seat raisers, shower stools, etc.)

  • Braille on plaque indicating room number

  • You can also request an ADA kit with aids such as telephone amplifiers, visual smoke detectors, door knock sensors, text telephones, etc.


There is an ease of access while moving around the ship. There are 36- to 42-inch doorways in elevators and accessible seating throughout the ship (e.g. in dining rooms, Princess Theatres, etc.). There are ramps and special gangway mechanisms for guests with mobility limitations to ease getting on and off the ship. There are also sight and hearing accommodations such as Braille elevator call buttons, audible arrival sounds, and infrared listening assistance systems in the Princess Theaters.

It is important to note, while service animals are welcome aboard Princess ships, emotional support animals are not permitted.


Deck Plans

There are interactive deck plans for each ship in the Princess fleet. When viewing deck plans for a specific ship, you can find a variety of information such as a link to an accessible routes document, which is a deck by deck breakdown of all accessibility options for each floor. Furthermore, you will find details on accessible stateroom (if available) and type, including room number; which you can locate on the interactive deck map for that specific floor. You will also find the number of wheelchair accessible washrooms and their locations, location of lift rooms which connect two hallways that are wheelchair accessible, and all wheelchair accessible areas on that specific deck. You will also find a link to a PDF of accessible route maps, showing wheelchair accessible routes throughout the ship, broken down by deck and the interactive plan for each deck, including filtering by wheelchair accessible stateroom.

Specific inquiries can be sent to the Princess Access Office.

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