Clearing the Confusion about Addiction
October 9, 2019
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Clearing the Confusion is a 10 topic series developed to support those who are struggling with their, or their family members, substance use. The series helps unravel the mysteries of substance use disorder (addiction) and provides tools to better cope with the struggles that come with it.

It is designed so that a person can pick and choose which sessions they want to attend, but all sessions are valuable and build your tool set.

Any age is allowed to attend as long as children are accompanied by adults. Teens are allowed to attend independently.

The series primarily focuses on opioid use and opioid use disorder, but much of the material is relevant to other drugs of choice.

The 10 topics included (but not always in this order) are:

1. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of problematic substance use and how to approach a loved one.

2. Changing our language and motivational interviewing for non-confrontational discussions.

3. The science of addiction.

4. Types of addiction treatment and how to obtain them.

5. Harm Reduction, overdose recognition and Naloxone use.

6. All about Medication Assisted Treatment.

7. Stages of recovery and how to support your loved one through recovery.

8. Setting safe boundaries and ensuring self-care.

9. Your rights as a person who uses substances, a family member, or person in recovery.

10. Advocating and navigating in the criminal justice system

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