Anthony Biggs
Rehabilitation Assistant, Respite Worker

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Physiotherapist Assistant, Recreation Management

Anthony Biggs

My name is Anthony Biggs and I have experience as both a Respite worker and Rehabilitation assistant with clients who have disabilities. I have acquired both a Physiotherapy Assistant Diploma and a Recreation Management Diploma and have worked with students with disabilities at Algonquin College, helping them with reading and writing comprehension. I also have experience working with clients who have been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum Disorder and people that have Acquired Brain Injuries. Helping people who have disabilities is my passion and I would love to help anyone who needs help in any fashion. Whether it is helping someone integrate better into society or assisting them with things they are having difficulty with.

Direct Funding means freedom for many people with disabilities. Is it accessible enough?

Direct Funding allows people with disabilities in Canada to hire and manage their own staff, giving them control over their schedules and lives. But the wait list is as long as a year.



My name is Anthony Biggs and I have worked with Kashif for over a year and a half at Movati.  When Kashif contacted me to meet with him to discuss my personal training services he was not doing well. His Type 2 Diabetes was not under control, and he was feeling frustrated and depressed with his life. He was aware of the benefits of exercise as he worked for Goodlife in the past and had always wanted to improve his health but had never had the extra disposable income to get direction from a qualified personal trainer. After the consultation I came away from it feeling a sense of urgency to help Kashif get his Type 2 Diabetes and Depression under control. I agreed to take him on and I have been training him 3-4 times a week ever since.


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The transformation that Kashif has under gone is quite remarkable and one that I am proud to have been a part of. He now has a lot more confidence in life, his Type 2 Diabetes is a lot more controlled and he hopes to eventually not need medication to help suppress his Diabetes.  


I have helped Kashif with social skills through helping him understand boundaries and become more social. As a result, Kashif has been able to increase his hours at his job at CarCityCanada and hopes to one day be a car salesman. 

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