2019 Statewide Disability Summit
August 28, 2019
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The 2019 Statewide Disability Summit is a full-day, fast paced, information packed event that will bring together disability advocates, HR professionals, diversity practitioners, employers and those with a disability to begin creating a statewide/universal foundation for Best Practices that will assist us as we dismantle the barriers that exists. Attendees will take part in one of three breakout workgroup sessions and work together to come-up with the necessary tools and resources that will help us ensure everyone with a disability has access to a fully equitable and sustainable future. We hope to see you there as we Build Bridges and Create Change, Together! CLICK HERE for all the event details.

Summit Keynote Speaker:
Brian Calley, President, Small Business Association of Michigan (former Lt Governor)

Call to Action Speaker: 
Dr. Kimberly Kennedy, 2019 Ms. Wheechair Michigan USA

Workgroup Moderators: 
Employment: Dr. Tonya Fountain, Fountain of Solutions LLC
Advocacy: Dr. Connie Sung, Michigan State Universtiy (MSU)
Community: Kellie Blackwell, Disability Network Capital Area

Closing Remarks:
Tammy Hannah, Origami Rehabilitation Center & Dalasia Jackson

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