Making the Best of Stress

This webinar is focused on identifying signs of stress and practicing a variety of research-based methods for stress management, including mindfulness and relaxation, meeting one’s basic needs, physical activity, time management, priority-setting, and finding meaning in day to day activities. Participants are also provided with a package of resources that will be referenced throughout the presentation and accessible at the start of the workshop.

Mental Health 101

This webinar explores how to recognize the signs and symptoms of distress and mental disorders, how to access services, basic active listening skills, and tips for self-care. This workshop is presented as an educational tool for participants. The information should not be used as a means for diagnosis, but serves to increase mental health literacy and awareness of mental illnesses.

This session is offered through the 1/5 Initiative, led by students advocating for and promoting psychological well-being and mental health literacy in the Ottawa community. With the development, promotion and delivery of workshops and other activities and educational tools, as well as material and online resources, it aims to help reduce stigma pertaining to mental illness and facilitate access to resources for mental health.