Some voters report issues with accessible voting machines in Ontario

In some cases, they also say accessible Voting Machines designed to help them vote did not work as advertised and they were unable to keep their ballots private.


Letter: Poor sidewalk conditions are challenging accessibility

Letter: I find it desponding how little has been truly accomplished in the area of accessibility for wheelchairs and scooters in this city.


'Austerity logic' led to worse housing for people with disabilities: expert

Catherine Frazee says Nova Scotia's 1990s freeze on 'small-options' homes put saving money ahead of people.


Patients ready for release kept at N.S. psychiatric hospital for years, hearing told

Some patients held at the East Coast Forensic Hospital are kept there years longer than needed because of a lack of Outpatient Services, a data analyst with the Nova Scotia Health Authority told a Human Rights inquiry Tuesday.